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Which Halal Restaurants in Medan Should You Try?

There are plenty halal restaurants in medanto give a try so you should not feel concerned about not being able to taste Medan’s extensive cuisine collections. As a matter of fact, even within the area itself non-halal dishes have become some sort of delicacies—they are not for everybody and they are certainly not for Muslims. Non-halal establishments have become exclusive places served only for those who are willing or allowed to grab a bite off their plates. Those non-halal restaurants would also be easy to spot due to the label they place in front door to specifically set themselves apart from the others.

If that is the case, then why halal restaurants in medan top becomes something you need to research on prior to your arrival at the city? Well, it is a matter of pure practicality. After getting a list of places to visit, you can enjoy the rest of your day visiting city’s landmarks and attractions without having to think too hard about where to eat. Medan indeed features halal restaurants in abundance but it is also this fact that can transform into the Achilles’ heels of your holiday plan. With a collection of halal restaurants numbering in perhaps hundreds, you would find yourself skimming through a list of places only to end up eating at a fast food joint. See, the point of traveling should be about enjoying a city’s complete attractions and eating during a trip should feel as organic as it should be. Burdening yourself with a task such as listing places to eat at is a waste of time.

Things would be complicated even further if you think too much about halal restaurants in medan for family as it means that you should find a place that can cater to children as well. In short, doing your homework way before the day is totally recommended. It would save you a lot more time and efficiency in having a holiday getaway in Medan should be achieved accordingly. Below are some of the must-visit restaurants you should try in Medan:

  1. Wajir Seafood

Fans of seafood would find this place wonderful. Its specialty is fried eel served with green chili pepper. Steamed snapper, soft shell crabs, and grilled gourami are also available if eel is not up your alley.

  1. KedaiApek

If there is a food joint that has been interwoven so deeply in Medan’s history, it would be this. Established in 1922 without even the slightest hint at its waning popularity, the stall specializes in service Sidikalang coffee. To top it off, the coffee is served with one half-boiled egg that is soft to the tongue and a toast. The joint is also a meeting ground for a lot of people, which makes it a perfect point to meet locals or even fellow tourists.

  1. TST Pak Haji

TST stands for teh, susu, and telur (tea, milk, egg). Don’t think the three are served separately. They are combined in a glass and by the way, the egg is raw. It is beaten into a mixture of tea and milk. If you wonder why this is even a thing, you need to wait until you feel the effects after taking even a sip. The beverage is highly regarded as traditional energy drink so you perhaps need one after a long walk exploring the city.


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