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Learning About Essential Oil Aromatherapy From Life Science Publishers

Using essential oils for aromatherapy has a broad range of positive effects. The type of oil that should be used depends on the effect the person wants to create and the fragrances preferred. These aspects can be learned about by reading educational materials from an organization such as Life Science Publishers.


Only small amounts of essential oils are necessary. They can be added to bath water, dabbed onto a handkerchief, and placed in a diffuser to send the fragrance throughout a room or an entire building. When blended with a high-quality carrier oil like cold-pressed coconut or flaxseed, essential oils can be safely used in massage therapy. The carrier oil is necessary for many essential oils that are too strong to apply directly to the skin.


People who are just starting to learn about essential oils must realize that they are already more familiar with aromatherapy than they think. The scent of lilacs blooming on bushes in spring, the aroma of fresh apples in fall, and the whiff of pine from a cone brought into the house all are examples of natural scents from essential oils.


The woody scent of evergreens like pine and fir has calming effects that may help people feel that they have more power in their lives. Essential oils from numerous evergreen trees are available, with each having subtle differences. Black spruce, balsam fir, and juniper are examples.

A tiny bit of jasmine can be added to a diffuser when someone wants to create a romantic atmosphere. It also can be mixed with natural skin treatment products to enhance rejuvenating effects. Nutmeg is energizing and brightens the user’s mood.

Concluding Thoughts

Instinctively, people recognize the feelings these fragrances generate. The use of aromatherapy is based on traditional physical and emotional healing methods, and research has verified effects that are experienced with many of these substances. Some are used for relaxation, for example, while others boost alertness and concentration.

These are just a few possibilities for aromatherapy with essential oils provided by suppliers such as Young Living. More information can be found from a company like Life Science Publishers.

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